Friday, December 30, 2011

the lovely pillowcases

I am absolutely addicted to making these pillowcases. They are so much fun and super easy.
Here's how I made them.. I used premium muslin from Joann's. It was 108'' wide and about 11.99 a yard. I'll have to say it is worth every penny. The muslin washes up soft and wrinkly just like vintage linens. My mom was convinced I found old pillowcases to embroider on. I can get two pillowcases per yard. A few of the designs came from this book.  I took from a few vintage pillowcases to come up with the zinnia design and for the 
star wars... I traced it from cookie cutters.

more to come...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

mustached and monogrammed

My friend and I made these super fun and easy mugs for all of our park ladies. We scoped out our local thrift stores for plain white mugs and had to search high and low for the special black pen. I saw the monogrammed idea on soulemama's blog. She had a link to this blog for the tutorial here. For the mustaches I used the same technique.. I printed out mustaches that
I liked and traced them on with the graphite paper.

oh the possibilities!
I think I'll try plates for the kids to draw on next!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it's a secret

so all of my crafting right now is a bit hush hush... for christmas. 
There's a lot of stitching, taping and markering. (with the only porcelaine pen in la county)

I'll share more later..

happy day!