Thursday, November 24, 2011

three years in the making

Mae's Quilt

history: about three and a half years ago my sister and I decided to each make a stacked coin quilt during the summer. During the cutting out process the girls looked through all of my scraps and put aside fabrics they liked. So because my quilt was coming along smoothly I decided to pre-cut coins for a quilt for each of them. Well we accomplished our goal that summer. We finished the tops to our (king sized) quilts but we were so burnt from sewing the stacked coins the girls fabric went into deep hibernation. A move and three quilts later I finally finished this cutie. I love knowing that each fabric she choose was special to her. The fabrics I used for the back also tell a tale of my sweet Mae. Ducks, chickens and puppies are all for her. Now just to start/finish her sister's quilt. 
Hopefully sooner than later.

finished quilt 
72x90... cotton batting

side note: this was my first quilt of this size that I machine quilted!

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